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Our Project

Super MEME DAO is a project initiated by investors of similar projects that failed to deliver the vision of a Memecoin DAO.

The team learned the made mistakes made in the past by similar projects such as lack of utilities, little engagement with the community, confusion between being a memecoin or a utility coin, lack of a long term plan, unfeasible plans, huge total supply, and deployment to unreliable networks.

The Super MEME DAO team wants to make things right and build a billion-dollar enterprise, which is a renewed, improved and viable version of the previous failed projects. 

By learning lessons, forming the right team of specialists in various areas, doing things right from start, and working towards a longer term vision, this project has everything in place to succeed.

Super MEME DAO is a decentralized, community-driven platform, which will have it’s own token for governance and use within the platform. In our project, the community rules!

The team is creating the Super MEME DAO ecosystem of applications, which will enable holders to make profit while having fun. 

The total supply is 2 Billions. It will belongs to everyone in the famous Ethereum community and is also a necessary key to unlock the future chapters of the Super MEME DAO success history.

👉 Super MEME DAO Presale: (Soon)
👉 Contract: (Soon)

Lessons Learned from similar projects

The Super MEME DAO team studies the errors and failures made by similar projects in the past to produce a more realistic and sound plan. These projects were led by other teams that are not linked in any way to the Super MEME DAO team.

For full transparency, we share the links to the webpages of some of these projects with you:,

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